Today 80% of deaths are caused by asphyxiating fumes

  • 1 fire every 2 minutes, professional or domestic.
  • 2 times more often than in 1990.
  • In France alone, it is 300 deaths per year / 3,000 injuries per year with severe disability.
  • 80% of deaths due to toxic fumes.
  • 2nd leading cause of accidental death in children under 5 years of age.
  • Complete room burnout in 6 minutes!
  • Average response time for firefighters: 18 minutes.
  • 75% of fires occur at night.

A specialized French company, an exclusive distributor in Morocco.

The Detex © is the flagship product of ATI France, a subsidiary of the A2B Group, with a turnover of 55 million €.

ATI was formed in 2016 specifically to design, industrialize and market safety systems, and consulting and training in fire risk protection, around Detex ©.

Given the potential demonstrated by Detex © internationally, DETEX INNOVATION was created in 2022 to be the exclusive distributor of Detex © in Morocco.

DETEX INNOVATION is the brand owned and operated by SELFMANN & CO, which also owns and operates the CAMUS Real Estate Solutions brand.

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