1. Since when is Detex © available?

DETEX © is available since January 2016 following 3 years of intensive R&D work, initial study, evolution and improvement

2. How does the Detex © work?

The Detex © includes a fire detector and a filtering unit that will clean all toxic fire related fumes.

The Detex © is the first product of its kind in the world as autonomous ductless smoke detector-and-extractor.

When the detector is triggered, the Detex © initiates the absorption of fumes at a flow rate of 192 m3/ hour, filters out the gases  produced by the fire and treats the ambient air to purify it.

3. Who were your partners in this project?

A major player at European level, CREPIM guarantees and validates the fire safety performance of Materials and Assemblies.  CREPIM is a European laboratory for the development and validation of materials for the sectors concerned by fire safety.

Located in the heart of Europe, it is recognized by CERTIFER, FAA and VERITAS, and accredited by the COFRAC - test laboratory  and Certifier (NF EN N ° 0571-5). CREPIM develops tests and certifies fire resistant formulations for companies working in the  transport, construction, electricity and textile sectors. This activity is carried out in an environmentally friendly manner that takes  into account the end-of-life of the products.

DT Filtre

A subsidiary of the CDE Blangis group, DT Filter offers global solutions in air filtration systems. It is the company DT Filter that equips the Detex © with its filters.


We have collaborated with firefighters from Lille (France) for the realization of the Detex ©.

4. Are you certified?

-Autonomous detector: Certified NF-EN14604

-Filters: EN 1822 certified

-Plastic certificate: PC V960 0 degrees, incandescent wire

-Detex ©: CE certified

5. What is its capacity? What is the volume processed?

The Detex © filters 192 m3 / hour

For adequate safety performance, we recommend to install one Detex © unit per 40 m2

Our expert firefighter can provide a chargeable implementation study to offer a "turnkey" solution.

6. What does the Detex © do?

For You:

.  Helps maintain a breathable atmosphere under the unit and significantly reduces all toxic fumes.

.  Creates a protective dome around the unit where the temperature will be 30% lower than in the rest of the premises..

.  Will give additional survival time and protection until the arrival of the firefighters.

.  Delays flash fire by avoiding smoke stratification.

-Increases visibility around the Detex © area and reduces the panic effect.

-For Fire Fighters

.  The Detex © delays thermal phenomena such as back draft, flashover etc.

It allows firefighters to intervene more easily in the fight against the fire. It allows firefighters to access the persons rapidly. The risks for firefighters and the most frequently occurring  accidents come from an explosion at the opening of a room which is pressurized by the Fire. The Detex © decreases and slows down this deadly phenomenon for firefighters.

.  The Detex © enables firefighters to gain time to save lives,

.  The Detex © significantly increases their visibility.

-For Equipment and Insurers

.  The Detex © limits the irreversible damages of soot on property, inventory, art ….

.  In most cases, it can also lead to a reduction in your deductibles on your insurance policy.

7. What is the Detex © promise?

-Extracts and retains the soot present in the toxic smoke to prevent death by asphyxiation(0.3 microns filter)

-Reduction of carbon dioxide levels by 31%

-Reduction of carbon monoxide by 6%

-Destruction of hydrogen sulphide

-30 % reduction in room Temperature

-Slowdown in flash fire trigger in the room

-Maintaining an acceptable level of oxygen at 19% in the room

-Fully operational for 30 minutes following a mains failure

-Filtration volume of 192m3/h

-Limit the irreversible damage done by the smoke

***  Information established during a test carried out in the lab of CREPIM approved by CERTIFER, the FAA & VERITAS, and accredited by COFRAC

8. Where Can I use the Detex ©?

The Detex © can be used to create:

-Safe containment rooms/ survival rooms where air remains breathable until firefighters arrive.

-Escape corridors where visibility will be significantly improved and will duce panic.

-Safe waiting spaces provided through fire regulations for people with reduced mobility.

In all areas that cannot (or hardly can) be equipped with standard or mechanical smoke extraction systems:

-Impossibility of putting in place a smoke extraction outlet on the roof or on the façade.

You may forget the ducts and expensive work. Think Detex ©.

9. Can we integrate Detex © with another fire safety system?

YES. The Detex © can be coupled to any existing fire control panel and other fire suppressant systems (e.g. gas extinguishing solutions) after validation from our engineering  department. Detex © may be addressable on option.

The Detex © can also be a full integrative to any new system.

10. Is Detex © flame resistant?

YES. We have a plastic Certificate: PC 960 degrees V0, incandescent wire.

11.What is the Detex © warranty period?

The Detex © comes with a full 10 year warranty, except for the backup batteries which need to be replaced every 2 years.

12. Does the Detex © need specific servicing?

Easy to maintain, the user should check the battery every 6 months. To do this, switch off the AC power to switch on the battery, if the battery is charged, no sound alert will  actuate. If the battery is less than 60%, an alarm will be triggered indicating the battery needs to be replaced. It will then be necessary to replace the battery and perform the  test again.

For the autonomous detector; you must change the battery every year for alkaline batteries and every 5 years for lithium batteries. Follow the instructions supplied with the  Detex ©.

13. Can we change filters once it has been used?

If the Detex © has been used under a real fire scenario, then Detex © must be replaced.

In the case of a false alarm, the Detex © must be reset (on/off) and if the Detex © has not been exposed to fire/ heat, then the Detex © can be re-used without  special maintenance.

14. What to do in case of a fire?

When a fire occurs, the first recommendation is to leave the house, if it is possible. In case if it is not possible, go to a room that has not been in direct  contact with the flames and has a Detex ©. Take refuge under the Detex ©, which creates a protective dome and allows you to breathe while waiting for the  arrival of firefighters.

15. Does your machine operate on 220V?

We also sell the machine on the market using 110V.

16. Who is this machine for?

-For premises open to the public

-Public buildings: to secure data storage areas.

-Hotels, hospitals, nursing homes: either to secure each room, or to secure the exits.

-Museums: to prevent potential future soot stains/ dirty works and creates a protective dome to avoid the remote blaze.

-For Residential buildings, High-rise building, Workplaces, Heritage classified establishments and facilities.

-For individual,

-For boats and yachts (private or public): to facilitate the evacuation of the people within minutes and reduce panic.

-For rail transport to secure their wagons.

-For the airlines to secure the pilot and passenger cabins. To stop with the evacuation procedure on the ground.

-Computer servers because the water would damage the data stored in the servers! Workers would gain valuable time in order to preserve their operational tools.

-In schools and nurseries...

-For exceptional events (Punctual / ephemeral building sites, concerts)

-And much more...

17. Is the Detex © addressable, does it have options, can we modify it for my project?

YES, the Detex © is addressable.

The box can also be connected to an existing fire safety system already existing in the building.

We can evolve our autonomous detection system according to your needs (optical, thermovelocimetric...)

18. Does ATI have a Product liability insurance?

Yes, up to 10 million euros worldwide.

19. Does the Detex © fan the fire?

No. Unlike natural smoke extraction, the Detex © does not provide external O2.

It treats the O2 in the affected room and therefore does not fan the flames.

20. Do you have references in Morocco?

Yes, in all sectors of activity:

Hotels: Royal Mansour, Hyatt Regency Pharmaceutical industry: Genpaharma Aerospace industry: SAFRAN

Shopping centers: Aradei/Carrefour Label'vie; Gate 10 Bank: Al Barid Bank

Call center : Intelcia School : Ecole edge

leisure : Fun park, Spa la palmeraie Warehouses